Notable Cases

Disclaimer: This is a description of a number of our cases. Of course, the specifics of your case will be different, and not all of the lawfirm's results are provided. We have collected all of the awards listed below, and in all of these cases the defendant(s) has/have been represented by legal counsel or an insurance adjuster. Our past successes should not be construed as a representation that we will be successful with any particular case in the future, and not every case in which we have been involved has resulted in a favorable outcome. A brief description of each case type is listed and the larger awards typically involve complex cases with serious injuries. Additionally, in some cases liability was accepted, but the amount of damages, or the injuries suffered by each plaintiff, is almost always contested by the defendant(s). We do not accept every potential case. Our lawfirm typically accepts less than 100 new contingency fee cases per year so that we can provide the individual attention that each client deserves and so we can obtain the best results possible. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes.

Type of Case Description Type of Injury Year Initial Offer Final Award
 Personal Injury  Child injured at daycare  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 2021 $5,000 $90,000
Workers Compensation  Worker injured lifting food container  Back, Leg & Hip 2021 $89,974 $149,927
Workers Compensation  Worker injured disposing trash  Right Arm & Shoulder 2021 $30,000 $140,000
Personal Injury Passenger Injured moderate impact rear end collision  Aggravation of preexisting neck and shoulder injuries  2021 NA $30,000
Personal Injury  Passenger hit by drunk driver  Orthopedic Injuries and Cervical surgery 2020 NA $232,326
Personal Injury  Passenger hit by driver on freeway  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), orthopedic injuries 2020 NA $127,000
Workers Compensation  Worker injury by slip and fall  Left Arm & Shoulder 2020 $25,000 $107,518
Personal Injury Passenger in vehicle hit by truck Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), orthopedic injuries 2018-20 various $1,751,000
 Personal Injury  Driver rear-ended by vehicle  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 2020 $90,000 $650,000
Personal Injury  T-Bone Collision  Head laceration, orthopedic injuries, knee injury 2019 NA $100,000
Personal Injury T-Bone Colision  Fractured Patella 2018 NA $140,000
Medical Malpractice Improper installation of surgical hardware after broken leg  Amputated foot 2018 NA $300,000
 Personal Injury  Passenger child in vehicle hit by truck  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), orthopedic injuries 2018 NA $700,000
 Eminent Domain  Highway Expansion  Constructive Taking of Church Building 2017 $3,600 $395,400
Personal Injury Moderate T-Bone Colission Right shoulder rotator cuff injury 2017 NA $94,000
 Workers Compensation  Electrocution and Fall  Spinal Cord Injury; burn; orthopedic injuries 2015 NA $1,000,000
 Workers Compensation  Collapse Lift Bucket Multiple leg injuries 2014 NA $250,000
 Workers Compensation  Tree Branch Fell on Worker  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 2011 NA $666,000
 Personal Injury  Child injured at school  Sexual Abuse, PTSD 2011 NA $106,250


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