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  • Minimum Wage Claims
  • Overtime Claims
  • Misclassification Claims
  • Bonus or Other Wage Claims
  • Age, Gender, Race, or Pregnancy Discrimination

The Fair Labor Standards Act and the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act were designed to protect your right as an employee to be fairly compensated. At A.G. Linett & Associates, PA, we can help you get the wages that you are owed. If your employer is not following the law, you may even be entitled to liquidated damages that double the amount you are owed! We frequently litigate issues such as:

  • Salaried Worker vs. Hourly Worker: Only some professional or managerial positions can lawfully be considered salaried positions. An employer cannot avoid paying minimum wage or overtime by giving you a salary.
  • Minimum Wage for Hourly Workers: Your employer must pay you at least $7.25 per hour worked for the first 40 hours worked per week.
  • Overtime for Hourly Workers: Your employer must pay you time and a half your regular rate of pay for each hour you work over 40 hours per week.
  • Owed Bonuses or Other Promised Wages: The law protects what your employer promised you. If you have earned bonuses or commissions, but your employer refuses to pay, we can help.
  • Misclassification: The law decides whether you are an employee or an independent contractor, not your employer. You may be entitled to minimum wage and overtime regardless of whether your employer considers you an independent contractor for tax purposes.
  • Age, Race, Gender or Pregnancy Discrimination claims. State and Federal law prohibits discrimination based on these factors. 

A.G. Linett & Associates, PA, has successfully litigated these types of cases in Federal court and in multiple counties in North Carolina. Call to schedule a free consultation today. After all, it is your money and you have earned it. 

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