Business Consultations

Do you have a business or an employment question, but don’t already have a lawyer? You might think it’s too expensive to speak with an attorney, or that it’s too complicated to set up an appointment. We are happy now to be able to provide a $300.00 flat fee consultation service for your business or employment related questions. 

This consultation allows you to send a contract (up to 15 pages) for our review, prior to your appointment. The attorney will review the document, any questions you have submitted, and perform legal research, if needed. Then, our office will set up a 30-minute Zoom video conference with you to answer your question. 

We offer consultations on the following matters:

  • Business separation agreements
  • Brokerage agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Business contract review
  • Litigation consultation 

If you need additional legal assistance, we can provide you an estimate at the video consultation. Again, don’t let your legal questions go unanswered. Set up a flat fee consultation today!

Contact Info

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