Carlos A. Osegueda, Jr.

Carlos A. Osegueda, Jr.

The simple answer is yes.  You can secure an Absolute Divorce from the state of North Carolina from a spouse that resides in a different country as long as you meet the following requirements: 1) you have resided in the state of North Carolina for over 6 months prior to the filing of the Absolute Divorce, and 2) you and your spouse have lived separate and apart for more than one year.

The challenge for many individuals in this situation is the need to provide your spouse with proper service (or notice) of your intent to seek a divorce.  Special rules may apply to the type of service that may be accepted by a North Carolina Court depending in the country where you are seeking to provide notice. International laws such as the Hague Convention or Letters Rogatory may be utilized to provide the proper service (or notice) to your spouse.

Furthermore, any court in North Carolina can grant your request for an Absolute Divorce so long as you meet the requirements indicated above.  So this means that our office in Greensboro may be able to handle your divorce although you may reside in a different part of North Carolina!  If you are searching for an attorney to help secure an Absolute Divorce in North Carolina, contact our office today for a consultation. 

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