DMV Requirements and North Carolina’s Stay at Home Order

Apr 09 2020

Governor Cooper’s stay at home order requires residents to avoid travel whenever possible. If your car registration has lapsed, or if you need an inspection, or to renew your license, you may be wondering if travel is permitted for these purposes. The truth is that although the services necessary to keep your DMV requirements up to date are open, the executive order discourages you from leaving your home. You may also feel it is not prudent or safe to go stand in the DMV or an inspection station. 

The reason why North Carolina drivers are receiving these contradictory messages is because the DMV requirements can only be changed by the legislature and not by Governor Cooper. The legislature is not due back in session until April 28th, 2020, and while it is expected that it will extend deadlines for DMV compliance, you could still be ticketed for these or other motor vehicle offenses.

If you receive any kind of traffic or criminal citation, our office is ready to assist you. In particular, if you receive a ticket because of an expired DMV requirement, we will fight to get your ticket dismissed by explaining to the district attorney’s office that the covid-19 crisis prevented you from traveling in these difficult times, but that you have since complied with the license renewal, inspection, or motor vehicle registration.


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J. Rodrigo Pocasangre

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